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Shaoxing Zhong Meng Textile Co; Ltd is a 100% export oriented circular & Jacquard Knitting, Dyeing manufacturing company. Shaoxing Zhong Meng Textile Co; Ltd started commercial production in year 2012 and is the first class circular & Jacquard knitting fabrics production facility in Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China. Shaoxing Zhong Meng Textile are specializing in producing.

Warp Knitting

1.Polyester + Spandex fabrics

2.Nylon + Spandex fabrics

3.Plain and stretch mesh fabrics

4.PBT fabrics

5.Recycled fabric

6.100% Polyester tricot fabrics

7.All can be solid, printed & brushed.

Weft Knitted

1.Polyester + Spandex single jersey fabrics

2.Nylon+Spandex single jersey fabrics

3.Nylon(ATY) + Spandex fabrics for fitness wear

4.Supplex + Spandex (or Lycra with Tag) single fabrics

5.Nylon + Polyester + Spandex heather(Mélange) fabrics

6.Cation + Polyester + Spandex heather(Mélange) fabrics

7.Space dye polyester + Spandex fabrics

8.interlock with spandex fabrics

9.All can be printed, Brushed, Peach Finished

And the present complete production capacity is about 780,000 kg’s in a month and 9,360 tons in a year. Shaoxing Zhong Meng Textile Co; Ltd uses a large variety of circular & Jacquard knitting to produce Warp, Jacquard & Weft knitting fabrics exclusively by the company’s fabrics department, from a wide range of fibers, yarns with or without spandex and yarn dyed or solid dyed.

Our all materials are tested in its own laboratory equipped with modern textile testing equipment. All Shaoxing Zhong Meng Textile Co; Ltd products bear the OKO-TEX label (when needed), certified by Organic Exchange (OE), Fair Trade Certification (FLO) and have fulfilled all the requirements of ISO. Shaoxing Zhong Meng Textile Co; Ltd has Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). The company adheres to all the National and International laws on labor employment. Shaoxing Zhong Meng Textile Co; Ltd fully complies with all the environmental and labor Code of Conduct required by major retail stores of Europe and USA.